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Whole industry chain solution

Widely used in plastic blown film, blow molding, injection molding, wire drawing, extrusion, casting, hollow, plate, sheet

The industry has a long working time and professional experience. It has a professional production technology team and many professionals in the field. High-quality raw materials control the quality from the source. The company has strong technical force and independent research and development of product technology.

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Product quality continues to be stable

Anti-aging, antistatic, high concentration, high temperature resistance

The professional after-sales team provides masterbatch usage solutions, perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system, professional technical use, 24-hour response, orders placed on the same day, and designated personnel for regular and fixed-point follow-up guidance

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Advanced equipment technology

The inspection process is sound, the inspection operation is standardized, the product quality is stable, and the quality reputation is good

High-precision twin-screw machine, internal mixer production line, imported high-tech computer color measuring instrument, melt index measuring instrument, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine

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